Chase 8 Aftermath

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Please be aware there minimal use of bad language in these videos.

What an incredible day! We’ve got so much stuff to share with you. Lots of pictures, some great HD video, an audio broadcast, screen shots and more. Its late tonight, so we’re not sure how much stuff we can get up, but by tomorrow night we should have it all. Thank you too all the 300+ viewers we had watching our live stream today.

Doing a bit more research on the damage that this storm caused tonight, it looks like a few rail cars were derailed, the IAMS pet food plant was damaged but no injuries throughout the area have been reported so far. The Grand Island Independent has a write up located here and KOLN/KGIN has an article here.

Here is an audio file of a recording by Jason. In it, he gives a brief run down of what the day was like and the emotions associated with his first tornado. Chase 8 Run Down (mp3)

Chase 8

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KOLN/KGIN has a small report on today’s tornado damage West of Aurora Nebraska. Click here to view this.



We are currently headed out on another chase, we will get video going live once we find anything worthy. Stay tuned to the website for updates throughout the night! [18:00 by Jared]



Chase 7

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Total Chase Miles: 300

Click on image to view it larger. See full size image here.

-Update on yesterday’s chase. I, Jason, was very close to finally meeting up with my storm again. I saw a 1 mile dirt road that cut out a big loop of the highway so I decided to take it. The road started out gravel, but just as it went over a hill the gravel ended with no warning sign and I slid down the length of the flooded mud road on the other side. I tried to turn my car around and make my way back up, but that is when I slid off into a ditch. I spent the next 1.5 hours trying to dig myself out and lay branches to drive on, but it was hopeless.
I finally had to walk a 1/4 mile to a farm house where a polite farmer got his tractor out and pull me free, provided I washed the wheel rims off afterwords. I was happy to do so. After that I was dispirited and it was dark so despite the fact that the storm was still going strong, I headed home. Pictures will be posted later. [13:30 6/8/09 Jason]

– As you may have noticed from the Twitter posts, Jason continued his chase towards the Missouri state line but got stuck at a point where he could not cross the Missouri River. He eventually made it across and continued to travel South towards St. Joseph where he somehow got stuck in a ditch/mud just outside of Savannah,MO. Continue watching for updates as the story gets updated. [20:50 by Jared]

– Jason is currently near Falls City,NE streaming LIVE. A TORNADO warning is in effect for Richardson and Eastern Pawnee counties until 6PM CDT. [17:20 by Jared]

– Currently waiting near Fairview with some other chasers to decide where to go.[15:47 by Jason]


Jason is preparing to go out today on his own. There is a very strong likely hood for severe storms in northwestern Missouri as can be seen on the image below.

Chase 7 Outlook

Chase 6

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-Update. Chase 6 turned out to be a total wash. We made it down through Nebraska City and just crossed into Iowa where we waited with a plethora of other chasers. After several hours of waiting, absolutely nothing happened. Not a drop of rain or storm cloud to be seen so we headed home. [1804 6-8-09 by Jason]

Jason and I will be out again today 6-6-09, however this time as I stated on our Twitter post we may be going out in two different vehicles. The SPC just updated the outlook for today and we will continue to study the models to find the ‘perfect’ location. Stay tuned for more updates.[by Jared]

6/6/2009 SPC Outlook

6/6/2009 SPC Outlook