Chase 5

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Total Chase Miles: 200

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We were surprised on Monday the 1st to see a good line of storms develop in southern Nebraska. Jason was coming up from Kansas when a cell developed virtually on top of him. Jared joined in the chase from Lincoln after he finished work.

Radar Image

Jason met up with some students from the University of Oklahoma near Fairbury, NE. They were operating a D.O.W (Doppler on Wheels) in conjunction with several other D.O.W.s to contribute to the Vortex2 Project. There, Jason watched the storm front move in and feel the effects of inflowing winds before having to retreat to his car from the deluge of rain and hail. He was able to snap the pictures below before taking shelter.

Vortex2 D.O.W.


Cloud Wave



As the storm wound down, Jared returned to Lincoln to try and get some more pictures and Jason fought his way through a flooded De Witt, NE on his way home.