About the Site

Unrealweather.com is targeted at photographing and filming today’s unreal weather. The Unreal Weather Team is composed of members who have a passion for the beauty, power and wonder of storms. The site was created to share the experience with others through video, pictures, audio and words. There are two video productions made by the team. The first is a live video stream that is broadcast over the internet during a storm chase. The second is a web show called Unreal Weather that brings together the whole story of a weather event into entertaining, ten minute shows.

Jared R

Storm Chaser | Photographer

Age: 27

Location: Lancaster Co NE

Even when I was young I always had my self planted in front of the TV watching the weather, although for a different reason. I was always scared of any type of thunderstorm, watches or warnings, I would always be stuck to the TV, scared out of my pants. I’m not exactly sure how or when it happen but one day I decided it would be fun to chase down a nice thunderstorm. My passion for photography has driven me to track these storms and now I’m getting into the science of chasing.


Jason Flaherty


Storm Chaser | Videographer

Age: 30

Location: Auburn,NE

My relationship with storms has a long history.  As with most kids, I was afraid of thunder and couldn’t sleep in my own room if it was storming out.  I always took all tornado watches and warnings seriously and would drag my family to the basement with me.  Eventually the desire to actually see a tornado with my own eyes drove the fear out of me.  As I got older, I began standing outside looking at the storm and eventually driving to some areas that were tornado warned.  I never got too close because all I had to guide me was the radio, but if luck put me in the right place to see something, then I was going to try.  My favorite part about storms is when the sky goes green.  It is such a surreal experience.  Words can’t do justice to the ominous feeling that looms out of a green sky.  I also love driving in rain. The thump-thump on the roof and windshield is music to my ears.   I chase now for the fun of it, to share the experience with others through video and to capture the heart of a storm in photographs.  My dream tornado is an extremely tall, straight, long lived stovepipe dancing across an open field.


Seth Burkey


Storm Chaser | Photographer

Age: 29

Location: Lincoln,NE


Ever since I was a young lad I have had a fascination with storms. I have had a couple encounters with tornadoes and other severe thunderstorms; a small tornado hopping up and down in a corn field across the road from our house and one went through our yard taking out a tree and pushing our house off the foundation a bit. My dad and I would drive to the nearest overpass to try and spot out any storms or tornadoes…it was a blast! Ever since those experiences I have had a passion to chase.


The Torndadus


Chase Vehicle

Age: 9

The Tornadus is Jason’s personal car, a 2003 Ford Taurus SES. It was elevated to the status of our official Chase Vehicle by the fact that it was the oldest and most beaten up car any of us owned. The name comes from a combination of Tornado and Taurus which Seth cleverly put together. To date, it’s been in baseball sized hail, in one ditch and buried hood high in a snow bank. We have seen all of our tornadoes so far in this car.