Deadly Storms Possible – April 14th 2012

Filed Under (2012) by J R on 13-04-2012

UPDATE: The SPC has hatched out another High 60% risk for Eastern Nebraska and extreme Western Iowa. Again, residents in these areas need to be very cautious during the day and evening tomorrow.

Looks like there is a HIGH potential for VERY SEVERE storms April 14th throughout the central planes. These storms will contain severe tornadoes, large hail , strong winds and heavy rain. Everyone from Central Iowa, through Eastern Nebraska, Western Missouri, East and Central Kansas, East and Central Oklahoma and North Texas need to be aware of this dangerous risk.

These storms have a high risk of being deadly so folks need to be on the look out and take warnings seriously. It’s hard to trust the forecasters and sirens when it seems like they are crying wolf a lot but this is for our safety.

These storms may fire late in the day in KS and OK but there is a potential for storms in the early afternoon in the Iowa, Nebraska & Missouri area. Our team will keep and eye out for a chase opportunity in the South Nebraska North Kansas area if it’s early enough.

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