Midwest Winter Storm 2009

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  • Interstate 80 between Lincoln & Grand Island Nebraska is closed. All roads in Adams County,NE are closed. Traveling on these roads is strictly prohibited, emergencies need to be called in to 911.
  • Blizzard Warnings Start to expire at 6am Saturday for portions of Southeast Nebraska, Noon Saturday for Central Nebraska and parts of South Dakota and 6PM for most of North Dakota.

A record setting winter storm is brewing up in the Midwest and has already started to dump snow in parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. Snow fall potential for this storm will be anywhere from 6 to 24 inches in different parts of the region. Blizzard conditions will not be uncommon throughout the area with winds gusting up to 50+ MPH at times.

Current Warnings Current Radar

  • A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin & Iowa. The National Weather service has also issues Blizzard Warnings for a few counties in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.
  • The impact date of this storm is tracking for late Thursday night right into Christmas day and even early Saturday.
  • Along with the high accumulation rates, ice will also be a large factor in some parts of the Mississippi Vally and could bring a halt to many holiday travel plans.
  • Areas around Chicago are in an Ice Storm Warning, ice accumulations are more than likely and cause the most hazardous driving conditions and even cause major power outages.
  • Blizzard Warnings nearly covering all of North & South Dakota, far east Nebraska and Western Iowa.

  • As of late Thursday night it looks like the heaviest snow fall has moved north into North & South Dakota and Minnesota areas. Blowing snow will still be a large problem from North Texas all the way up into the Dakotas.

  • Parts of Nebraska are reporting power outages in different ares, nothing major at this time.
  • Very high wind gusts are making for a very messy Christmas Day. Gusts upto 50+ MPH are not uncommon in parts of Nebraska, and the Dakotas.

Please send us your pictures! Send your pictures to info@unrealweather.com and we will post them on our website. Leave us your name and the area of the picture so we can map out the damage this storm causes.

June 17th Aurora Tornado Stream

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Here is the the live video stream from SevereStudios.com that was recorded while we were chasing the Aurora Tornado, with narration by Jason.

Contest Winners

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Throughout the season we always did our best to bring you a live video feed of our storm chases. Because this is not easy to do we use a service from SevereStudios.com to stream our video to and post the videos on our website.

After the 2009 season had come to a close, they decided they were going to do a contest for the best tornado stream this season. Although we worked very hard to get this video it was much to our surprise that we had won! See the post announcing the winners on their website here.

The winning proceeds will be added to our storm chasing fund for 2010 so we can continue to improve our chasing equipment.

We would like to thank Severe Studios and all of our fans out there. We look forward to next year and we will get episodes 3 and 4 posted in the coming weeks.

Suggestion Time

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Hello everyone!

We’re looking for your suggestions on how we can better bring the chase to you. Our motto is “Join us on the chase!” and that’s what we want to provide to you. Our first and foremost thing we are fixing ourselves is making sure the streaming video doesn’t cut out, but we want to know what else you would find interesting while ‘Chasing’ with us.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Worry less about the quality of the Episodes and care more about posting them quickly.

2. Stream audio with the streaming video so you can hear what we are talking about.

3. Post more radar images indicating our location in relation to the storm cells.

4. Post more twitter updates while chasing.

5. Give short, minute long, audio/video announcements on chase day explaining what we are doing.

Those are just some ideas to get your brain thinking. Please let us know what would make you’re chase with us more enjoyable. You can send us your suggestions on the contacts page.

Thank you for your help and participation!