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Auburn Nebraska was struck by strong winds the night of April 14 into April 15. At the time the photos were taken Jason was measuring measuring wind gusts of 35 mph with sustained winds of 25 mph at ground level. The wind was so strong that that it blew down a large store sign. Around town there were downed limbs, damaged shingles, other signs damaged and moved shopping cart corals. Below are some photos and a video of the damage.
More damage was seen after the sun rose. Below are some images of a giant tree that split and fell into another tree.



4/14 Chase Updates

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Chase Updates:

Hilights From Across The Midwest

Wichita Metro Hit By Tornado – Click here for more info.

Heavy Damage In Witchita Area – Click here for more info.

Damage Reports for South East Nebraska – Click here for more info.

Hospital Damaged in Creston Iowa – Click here for more info.
8:00P: A few flooding videos have been uploaded, scroll down to see.

5:45P: Ending streaming for now, headed home to rebound, will continue to watch the radar and come back online with streaming if anything comes up. Thanks for watching!
Today’s Stats: 270 Miles, 8 Counties & Zero tornadoes 🙁

5:00P: Uploaded some more flooding pics as the heavy rain is moving out of the area. More storms are possible throughout the evening so we will be keeping an eye out and continue to stream as long as we have coverage and it’s not too sunny.

3:40P: Heavy rain and strong winds are the two main things we are seeing in the current storms in SouthEast Nebraska. Thus far we have managed to stay out of these storms while seeking a tornado producer. There have been multiple tornado warned storms so far this afternoon but I’ve not heard or seen of any official reports YET.


Here is the total rain fall for SouthEast Nebraska area from today.

Devastating Storms Possible Today – 4/14/2012

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Deadly Storms Possible – April 14th 2012

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UPDATE: The SPC has hatched out another High 60% risk for Eastern Nebraska and extreme Western Iowa. Again, residents in these areas need to be very cautious during the day and evening tomorrow.

Looks like there is a HIGH potential for VERY SEVERE storms April 14th throughout the central planes. These storms will contain severe tornadoes, large hail , strong winds and heavy rain. Everyone from Central Iowa, through Eastern Nebraska, Western Missouri, East and Central Kansas, East and Central Oklahoma and North Texas need to be aware of this dangerous risk.

These storms have a high risk of being deadly so folks need to be on the look out and take warnings seriously. It’s hard to trust the forecasters and sirens when it seems like they are crying wolf a lot but this is for our safety.

These storms may fire late in the day in KS and OK but there is a potential for storms in the early afternoon in the Iowa, Nebraska & Missouri area. Our team will keep and eye out for a chase opportunity in the South Nebraska North Kansas area if it’s early enough.