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Hey and welcome to the 2011 Storm Season!

We are getting prepared around here and we wanted to share 2 of our latest updates for 2011.

First, we have finished the design for the Team’s shirts. This year’s theme is… Us. Jason did a drawing of our team using a digital tablet. If you are wondering, Seth is not barefoot. He has on 5 Finger shoes.

Next up we have our newest piece of equipment: a GoPro Hero camera. These cameras are amazingly tough. They are a 1080p, 5 megapixel “Shockproof, Bombproof and Waterproof” (to a certain extent of course) camera. We went with the Motor Sports package so that we can mount the camera on the outside of the Tornadus if we want. Hail, rain and wind should be no problem at all for this camera.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. What have you been doing to prepare for the storm season? Let us know in the comments section.


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We’ve had a winner on the Halloween Costume Guessing game that Jason was running. Abby Rauwald correctly guessed the answer of Tony Stark. Congratulations! She will be receiving a copy of Season 1 in the mail very soon. As a thank you to everyone for playing, we’ve lowered the price of the Season 1 DVD for the next 9 days. Through October 23rd, you can pick up a copy in The Store for only $8.99 (+S&H). That’s 20% off the normal price! Thanks again.

Halloween Contest

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Jason has decided to make a guessing game contest out of his Halloween Costume. He has an image of what it will be. He will be releasing a distorted image of it almost every day leading up to Oct. 31st. The first person who guesses correctly what it is will win a free copy of “Unreal Weather Season 1” on DVD. The rules are you may only guess once per day. If you guess more than once, your first guess will be used and your second one will be forfeited. Jason has the final say on what is and isn’t a valid guess. You may guess anywhere in the Album. Here is the link to the album. Halloween Guessing Game Contest Good Luck!


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Hello Everyone!

We are super excited to unveil a lot of new stuff.
First we have uploaded some highlight pictures from the 2010 Storm Season to the Pictures Page. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Second we are proud to announce that you can buy your very own copy of Unreal Weather Season 1 on our brand new STORE! The single disk DVD contains all 6 episode from Season 1 including some never before seen Outtakes of the Unreal Weather team.
Season 1 Cover
-Also available on the store are 2 bumper stickers that show your love of Tornadoes to everyone following behind you. Here is a picture of how great one looks on the back of the Tornadus!

BumperSticker Model
The stickers have been put through rigorous testing. They resist water and heat extremely well and leave no sticky residue when you peel them off.
-Next we’ve decided to give you something FREE for being a fan and looking at our new store. Jason has made available to download, the intro storm sounds that play at the beginning of the episodes of the Season 1 videos. You can get it for free also on the Store Page.
-We’ve updated the About Page with another “member” of our team that deserves to be recognized.
-We have an announcement about Season 2. The entirety of Season 2 will be edited and finished at the same time. This means that we will be releasing all of the episodes on a weekly basis over the course of several months. Details will be posted when we know the Season Premiere date.
There you have it. Hopefully that was enough new content to make up for a lackluster last few months. Let us know what you think of the new store on the Contact Page. Check back soon for more information on Season 2.