Chase 3/9/2010

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Chase Route for 2010-03-09

Chase Route. 331.4 miles.

Click Image to see it larger. See full size image here.
Updates on chase Day:
8:45 pm – Well, I just got home. I wasn’t really expecting there to be anything interesting today. I knew the best chance I had would be an F1 tornado or maybe a cold cell tornado. It was more of a good test to see how all systems are functioning and they were not quite ready. I appreciate you participating in this practice chase. Had there been a real thunderstorm it would have been much more exciting. 🙂
5:00 pm – Made it to Plattsburg, MO. I couldn’t stay south any longer because it just wasn’t looking very promising. This location looks as good as any other. Some stronger cells are starting to form slowly so I plan to wait here and see what they do. Video of radar at this time on the link below.
Waiting at Plattsburg, MO
3:30 pm – Just arrived at Leavenworth. Got my internet back and refreshed all maps and found out that they moved the 2% tornado probability just east of me. Trying to decide what to do. Watch clip below for details.
Leavenworth, KS 2% Tornado prob moved video
First Post: Well, the time has finally come at last.  It is our first official chase of the 2010 storm season.  There is a slight risk of tornadoes in eastern Kansas / western Missouri though it probably won’t amount to much at all.  It is close enough however that Jason is going to go check things out in the area.  Stay posted here for any updates and possible live video stream later.

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