Chase 7

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Total Chase Miles: 300

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-Update on yesterday’s chase. I, Jason, was very close to finally meeting up with my storm again. I saw a 1 mile dirt road that cut out a big loop of the highway so I decided to take it. The road started out gravel, but just as it went over a hill the gravel ended with no warning sign and I slid down the length of the flooded mud road on the other side. I tried to turn my car around and make my way back up, but that is when I slid off into a ditch. I spent the next 1.5 hours trying to dig myself out and lay branches to drive on, but it was hopeless.
I finally had to walk a 1/4 mile to a farm house where a polite farmer got his tractor out and pull me free, provided I washed the wheel rims off afterwords. I was happy to do so. After that I was dispirited and it was dark so despite the fact that the storm was still going strong, I headed home. Pictures will be posted later. [13:30 6/8/09 Jason]

– As you may have noticed from the Twitter posts, Jason continued his chase towards the Missouri state line but got stuck at a point where he could not cross the Missouri River. He eventually made it across and continued to travel South towards St. Joseph where he somehow got stuck in a ditch/mud just outside of Savannah,MO. Continue watching for updates as the story gets updated. [20:50 by Jared]

– Jason is currently near Falls City,NE streaming LIVE. A TORNADO warning is in effect for Richardson and Eastern Pawnee counties until 6PM CDT. [17:20 by Jared]

– Currently waiting near Fairview with some other chasers to decide where to go.[15:47 by Jason]


Jason is preparing to go out today on his own. There is a very strong likely hood for severe storms in northwestern Missouri as can be seen on the image below.

Chase 7 Outlook

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