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Below is the trace from yesterday’s chase. The tornado icon near Edina, MO is where at tornado was reported earlier and where we ran into the debris which consisted of entire downed trees, damaged shed roofs, and a flattened shed. There may have been more, but we were unable to cross the road at 2 places because of downed trees (see pic below). [5/14/09 19:10 CDT by Jason]

Downed Tree

Total Chase Miles: 940

Click on image to view it larger. See full size image here.
We made it back to our home base around 2 a.m. last night. Not much time for reflection or posts. In our chasing yesterday, we ran smack into the destruction path of a tornado that had been reported 20 minutes earlier. The debris field covered not 1, but 2 of our south bound roads and pretty much stopped us from getting to any more tornado warnings because the third path south was much to far out of the way. We got some video of the destruction and will have it posted later with the video. [5/14/09 16:50 CDT by Jason]

The storm we were following had a MAJOR outbreak and caused damage to MANY homes along the way. Unfortunately there was also one* death related to this series of storms, see the Kirksville,MO article here.

*There are now two confirmed deaths in Kirksville. Although this storm was very well foretasted and warned, not everyone has the proper shelter to protect them from these events. It is a very sad event that happens all too often but our thoughts go out to the families of these victims.

Storm Reports 51309

* Other updates were posted via Twitter due to the ease of access.

-Update 2: The system has finally started to develop. The first tornado warning of the day has been issued for northern Missouri. We have just crossed over into Iowa and heading for north eastern Missouri so we can get in line with the wall of storms forming. [17:25 by Jason]

-Update 1: We are in Western Illinois trying to find a good place to stake out and watch the storm develop. The one that is going to be hitting us hasn’t formed at all yet, but its only a matter of time. We’re going to Camp Point, IL right now because it has a few good highways from which to make a quick chase from.  [15:40 by Jason]

– We are currently heading east on I80 through Iowa. There is a very high chance for severe weather in Illinois today and we figured it would be worth the 5 hour drive to partake in this event. We’ll be streaming live video when we get closer to the storms. Currently all we have is gray skies with very low lying clouds. [09:21 by Jason]

Tornado Prediction

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