Deadly Storms Possible – April 14th 2012

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UPDATE: The SPC has hatched out another High 60% risk for Eastern Nebraska and extreme Western Iowa. Again, residents in these areas need to be very cautious during the day and evening tomorrow.

Looks like there is a HIGH potential for VERY SEVERE storms April 14th throughout the central planes. These storms will contain severe tornadoes, large hail , strong winds and heavy rain. Everyone from Central Iowa, through Eastern Nebraska, Western Missouri, East and Central Kansas, East and Central Oklahoma and North Texas need to be aware of this dangerous risk.

These storms have a high risk of being deadly so folks need to be on the look out and take warnings seriously. It’s hard to trust the forecasters and sirens when it seems like they are crying wolf a lot but this is for our safety.

These storms may fire late in the day in KS and OK but there is a potential for storms in the early afternoon in the Iowa, Nebraska & Missouri area. Our team will keep and eye out for a chase opportunity in the South Nebraska North Kansas area if it’s early enough.

2012-03-29 Cold Front Cloud

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A small set of storms passed over Nemaha County Nebraska today.  Jason grabbed a few pictures and a short video at the tail end of a storm cell.


geo:lat=40.55203 geo:lon=-95.86168

Andy Gabrielson Memorial Update

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The folks over at Severe Studios have updated us on the Andy Gabrielson memorial fund. Thanks to all of the friends and followers of Andy, they were able to raise over $6000 for the Gabrielson family. It’s great seeing the community come together for this family and sad to have lost such a great chaser.

On Saturday February 4th 2012 Andy Gabrielson died in a car accident in Oklahoma. Click here for more info.

To donate, simply visit the Severe Studios website here.

You can also help out by purchasing DVD’s or other gear from Andy’s website here.

Increased Tornado Count Predicted for 2012

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According to we will see an above-normal number of twisters in 2012. In 2011 we seen a whopping 1700+ tornadoes throughout the United States.

“Warmer-than-normal Gulf of Mexico water is a key component to the active severe weather season anticipated in 2012.”  “Areas that seemed to miss out on frequent severe weather last year may see an uptick this year,”

Although there were a few tornadoes in our area last year, we did not get many opportunities to chase and this year may be the same. We hope to get out on occasion and will as always keep the website updated.

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