Season 1 Finale Unreal Weather Episode 6

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The season 1 finale of Unreal Weather is finished.
The team gets on the perfect super cell in central Nebraska that produces multiple wall clouds, funnel clouds and tornadoes.

A reminder: You can watch it in high definition by watching it on YouTube.

June 17th Aurora Tornado Stream

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Here is the the live video stream from that was recorded while we were chasing the Aurora Tornado, with narration by Jason.

Contest Winners

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Throughout the season we always did our best to bring you a live video feed of our storm chases. Because this is not easy to do we use a service from to stream our video to and post the videos on our website.

After the 2009 season had come to a close, they decided they were going to do a contest for the best tornado stream this season. Although we worked very hard to get this video it was much to our surprise that we had won! See the post announcing the winners on their website here.

The winning proceeds will be added to our storm chasing fund for 2010 so we can continue to improve our chasing equipment.

We would like to thank Severe Studios and all of our fans out there. We look forward to next year and we will get episodes 3 and 4 posted in the coming weeks.

Chase 8 Aftermath

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Please be aware there minimal use of bad language in these videos.

What an incredible day! We’ve got so much stuff to share with you. Lots of pictures, some great HD video, an audio broadcast, screen shots and more. Its late tonight, so we’re not sure how much stuff we can get up, but by tomorrow night we should have it all. Thank you too all the 300+ viewers we had watching our live stream today.

Doing a bit more research on the damage that this storm caused tonight, it looks like a few rail cars were derailed, the IAMS pet food plant was damaged but no injuries throughout the area have been reported so far. The Grand Island Independent has a write up located here and KOLN/KGIN has an article here.

Here is an audio file of a recording by Jason. In it, he gives a brief run down of what the day was like and the emotions associated with his first tornado. Chase 8 Run Down (mp3)