First Chase Aftermath

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We had what we consider a productive chase day yesterday. It was a good chance to test out our equipment and try and work out some bugs. We had a few issues streaming our chase video from, but we eventually figured out our major issues. We appreciate the 200+ viewers we had watching us get pummeled by hail and thank you for sticking with us through technical difficulties.

We did get to see our very first rotation!!! It was small and short lived, but was only 150 yards ahead of us. We saw rotating dirt in the air. The accompanying wind caused some shingle damage to a house and blew apart a metal shed. You can see the aftermath in the accompanying pictures and video.

Here is the path we followed while we chased the line of storms. We started in Malcolm and headed west past Bradshaw. We then turned around and kept up with the storms east all the way South Bend where we were thwarted in our chase of the rotation by the Platte River.

Click the image for a larger view. See full size image here.

Storm on the Horizon

First Chase

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Today there is a slight risk for severe weather throughout the Midwest, ranging from the southern half of North Dakota down to parts of Texas.

Jason and I will be heading out towards the West, Midwest part of Nebraska to see what we can find. We will have video streaming at SevereStudios so be sure to check us out there and look for either Jason or Jared’s names on the page.

We will be sure to keep everyone updated as the day goes on, if you wish to contact us please use the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP.

You can also find our locations on the location page, today Jason’s location will be the one we will be using.


Tornado Watch number 53 has been issued for parts of Nebraska and Southern South Dakota.

Update 2 [1:30PM]: We are currently traveling down US Highway 34, experiencing lots of wind which was foretasted for the entire day. There is lots of dust and debris flying around, no major damage found yet.

Update 3 [3:10PM]: Still on US Highway 34 near Waco, headed East. We just went through a strong cell that dropped dime sized hail. We are currently having video issues using the camcorder so we have moved to a webcam.

Update 3 [3:40PM]: We are currently in a Tornado Warning in Seward County NE. Current visibility is about 75-100 yards due to the strong rain. Headed east on US Highway 34 trying to get on the outside of the storm.

Update 4 [6:10PM]: Alright, we are done now, we were up by the Ashland area and found some straight line wind damage. There was a down advertising board and some roof damage.

Upcoming updates will be pictures and maybe video.