[Mini]Chase 3

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Ø – Just got back from an 11 hour storm chase. Not really worth it. I was extremely close to a strong tornado at one point, but my internet crapped out that far west so I lost radar and couldn’t locate the tornado in time. One bright note is I met some very nice storm chasers from the Chasing4Life Team and was given tour of their amazing equipment and vehicles. Thanks Eddy! The 3 images below are from this chase. First is the Trace I followed, a total round trip of 505 miles. Second is where I was in relationship to the storm. Last is the radar images from the tornado. [00:30 by Jason]

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Ø – The storm Jason was chasing dissipated VERY quickly after it went past the radar site KLNX so the chase was ended shortly there after. [20:51 by Jared]

Ø – Tornado warning for Thomas and Hooker counties canceled at 20:15. [20:20 by Jared]

Ø – The Storm is almost directly on top of KLNX radar site so it is very dificult to determine information about the storm at this time. [20:02 by Jared]

Ø – Jason is out alone tonight but he is sitting directly east of a tornado warning in Thomas and Hooker counties in Nebraska.[20:00 by Jared]

Ø – Approaching tornado warning [~20:00 by Kxronos from Twitter]

Ø – Heading north in the middle of the state to intercept an eastern moving storm [~18:00 by Kxronos from Twitter]

Ø – Currently in York,NE watching the Radar to see if any good storms form to the west as predicted. [~15:00 by Kxronos from Twitter]