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We’ve had a winner on the Halloween Costume Guessing game that Jason was running. Abby Rauwald correctly guessed the answer of Tony Stark. Congratulations! She will be receiving a copy of Season 1 in the mail very soon. As a thank you to everyone for playing, we’ve lowered the price of the Season 1 DVD for the next 9 days. Through October 23rd, you can pick up a copy in The Store for only $8.99 (+S&H). That’s 20% off the normal price! Thanks again.

Halloween Contest

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Jason has decided to make a guessing game contest out of his Halloween Costume. He has an image of what it will be. He will be releasing a distorted image of it almost every day leading up to Oct. 31st. The first person who guesses correctly what it is will win a free copy of “Unreal Weather Season 1” on DVD. The rules are you may only guess once per day. If you guess more than once, your first guess will be used and your second one will be forfeited. Jason has the final say on what is and isn’t a valid guess. You may guess anywhere in the Album. Here is the link to the album. Halloween Guessing Game Contest Good Luck!