ChaserCon 2010

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Hello Everyone. We’re an hour underway on our journey to the Chaser Convention in Denver, CO.  We’ve got about another 7 hours left on our drive.  We’re really excited to get to attend this year.  The convention runs Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  We’ve taken Monday off as well so we can get out with our cameras and enjoy the beautiful vistas.  We’re going to do our best to make updates, post pictures and some video throughout the trip.  Due to the ease of use and ability to post from our mobile phones, we will likely be using Facebook a lot so check us out there.   Feel free to email us or send us messages on Facebook if you have any questions about the convention.

  • [Tuesday]: We’ve just finished uploading the video we presented at video night at ChaserCon.  Jason remixed the Aurora tornado video by combining Jared’s footage, the live stream and Jason’s footage into a 7 minute snippet.  There’s not any new footage, but its a fresh take on the tornado.  Have a look in our videos page to watch it if you’re interested.  The video was well received and the crowd gave us some positive feedback.
  • [Tuesday]: We made it back to Lincoln early Tuesday morning.  We had a great time in Fort Collins visiting some friends/family and getting up into the mountains for some pictures.  Jason discovered that you do not want to sit on a prickly pear cactus while looking in your tripod.  Bad times will be had.  We’ll be posting more pictures later tonight and tomorrow.
  • [12:00 Noon]: The Convention is now over with the exception of the public storm spotter training from 1 to 4. We have left and we had a great time and learned lots of good stuff for this upcoming season.
  • [10:00]: Chris Novy’s presentation was exceptional.  If you get a chance to take a safety class or anything from him, make sure you attend.  Up next is Jon Davies again with his Pick a cell, any cell: Chase targeting Issues presentation.
  • [08:10 am]: GOOOOD MORNING CHASERCON!  We have 4 more presentations left today.  We’re apparently starting a bit late.  Chris Novy is supposed to be kicking things off any minute now with his presentation on Safe and Responsible Chasing.  Something we all need to be aware of.  Perhaps Jason the most because he is the only one who has gotten stuck twice. 🙂
  • Chris Novy's presentation on safe chasing

  • [09:30 pm]: The rest of the night is movie night where we will be presenting our Aurora video for the crowd, I’m sure everyone will be waiting to see 🙂

Jason and the Great Dr. Forbes

  • [08:40 pm]: Dr. Greg Forbes (of the weather channel) is the keynote speaker tonight at ChaseCon 2010. Dr. Forbes is presenting the worst storms of the last decade. Some top stories were Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the F5 tornado that hit Greensburg, KS and the widest tornado on record for Hallam,NE at 2.5 miles.
  • [04:30]: Dr. Howie Bluestein from the University of Oklahoma presented on the Mobile Doppler Radar data that was collected with Vortex2. Dr. Erik Rasmussen is currently speaking scientificly on how a tornado is formed and details of each of the 5 or 6 processes. Dr. Greg Forbes keynote speach will be at 6:30.
  • [11:30]: Josh Wurman had a great presentation on the Vortex2 2009 season and went over items they looked to improve on for 2010. Some new hardware and UAV’s will be just a couple of items added to the project for 2010
  • [10:15]: Jon Davies and Tim Marshall presented this morning. Tim Marshall from the Vortex2 Team went over 2009’s season and the “May Tricks”, or difficulties of chasing and intercepting a tornado. Next up is Dr. Josh Wurman from the Vortex2 team.
  • [8:15 Friday]: Everyone is getting checked in and all the vendors got setup. SevereStudios was doing interviews while Baron Services pitched their wonderful services to us.  Saturday will bring us much more so we are ending tonight’s updates here.
  • [3:15 Friday]: We have checked into the hotel where we are just hanging out for now. Not a lot on tonight’s agenda but be sure to stay tuned.
  • Update 2: Interstate 76 is the smelliest interstate we’ve ever been on. Pretty much the last 80 miles have been pure stank. On another note, we’re 60 miles away from Denver and we can see our first mountain off in the distance
  • Update 1:  Just stopped for lunch at a rest stop near Paxton, NE.  We’re making great time and will be in Denver a few hours before the convention starts.

Chaser Convention 2010 – 12th Annual Storm Chaser Convention