Severe Storms 5/12

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Severe storms are rumbling across South East Nebraska tonight. Multiple tornado warnings have been issued throughout the night but no severe tornado damage reports have been posted as of yet. Heavy rain and hail have pegged the area, here are some shots of the snow like hail that fell in Seward and Lancaster counties in Nebraska.

Lighting Pic

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A tiny cell passed over Jason’s area of the world tonight. He took the new GoPro camera out and tried to get some pictures of lightning. He was able to get a few, but here is the best.


Lighting Striking the Ground

Season 1 Finale Unreal Weather Episode 6

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The season 1 finale of Unreal Weather is finished.
The team gets on the perfect super cell in central Nebraska that produces multiple wall clouds, funnel clouds and tornadoes.

A reminder: You can watch it in high definition by watching it on YouTube.


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We are currently headed towards Western Nebraska to take our chance at today’s severe weather risk. More information to come shortly.


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