Chase 2 Aftermath

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Stormy Moon
Stormy Moon. By Jason Flaherty

Our second Chase was not as productive or successful as the first one. It was a long shot for tornadic activity to form, but we were anxious to get out chasing again after the long break since chase 1.

The chase was centered around north western Missouri. We made our way there via Rock Port, MO and proceeded south on I29 trying to get ahead of where prediction centers said the storm would be passing. It soon became apparent that the storm had changed coarse and was following the northern edge of Missouri so we headed back north through Maryville up to Albany.

At Albany we finally ran into the storm, but it seemed to be dying while we watched. We decided to head home because the sun was fading along with the storm. Sure enough however, 5 minutes after we departed from the storm cell, it produced a funnel cloud reaching midway to the earth in north eastern Daviess county. It was too late for us to turn back though.

Below, like last time, is the path we followed starting in Lincoln and ending back in Lincoln.

Click on image to view it larger. See full size image here.

Second Chase

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Jared and I are getting ready to go on our second tornado chase of the year. This one is located down in North Western Missouri.

2nd Chase in North Eastern Missouri

Tornado Watch issued for parts of Southeast Nebraska, Southwest Iowa, Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri.

At about 1630 Hours we’ll be streaming live so check out the streaming page to follow us. More updates as they come in.

[6:15] We were having technical difficulties earlier but will be streaming off and on now. Currently in Maryville, MO where there are some small storms to our north, nothing severe warned at this time.

[8:20] We were chasing a small severe warned cell near Albany,MO but there wasn’t anything good to see. After we got in and behind the storm we decided to backtrack towards home. Minutes after that there was a Tornado warning issued for that same storm but we were already to far away to continue. We are currently back in Maryville and will be heading home. Pictures and video will be posted later.