Weather for 4-23-2010

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Today looks to be a VERY good day. There is a high risk of severe storms across much of the eastern side of Tornado Alley. We wish we could chase down into Arkansas, but we just do not have time to get down there. However, our neck of the woods looks to be the second best place to chase. We’ll update later with our plans.
SPC Outlook for 4-23-2010

Unreal Weather Episode 5

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Episode 5 is uploaded and all ready for viewing.
In this episode, Jason sets off alone on another chase that ends in muddy frustration.

Reminder: This can be viewed in 1080p high definition.

Unreal Weather Episode 4

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Episode 4 of Unreal Weather is up and ready for viewing.
In this Episode Jason chases a surprise storm. It turns out to be one of the most interesting storms of the season. He gets a look at a Vortex2 Doppler Truck and then tests his own vehicle’s capabilities when he drives into a flooded town.
Just a reminder; the video can be played in high definition by selected the quality on the lower right after pressing play.

Chase 4-5-2010

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Hello Everyone! Southern Iowa is turning into a monster storm cell today and we’re going to go chase it! Jason got off work earliest so he is going to head out now and get things set up. Hopefully he’ll get the streaming working on the way. Seth will be tagging along with Jason while Jared stays at home.

Here is the Storm Prediction Center image for Iowa today.

Severe Weather Outlook


This just in. Despite what the SPC is saying, it looks as though Kansas might be the better chase spot today as a look at the RUC Surface Cape shows awesome potential in the Wichita area. We’ll update when we chose a location.



– 6:30 p.m. – Seth was able to join Jason and the two of them decided that Iowa did end up looking like the better spot to chase. We are currently sitting in Clarinda, IA waiting to see if anything develops. There have been some storms to the north and east, but everything points to the Missouri, Iowa border so we are waiting.
– 9:45 p.m. – Well, Jason and Seth waited for quite a while in Clarinda. Some thicker clouds started moving in, but it was obvious nothing was going to happen. We were able to see a storm in north western Kansas for which was cause enough to merit a tornado watch for all in its path, but it was too dark for us to go after so we returned home.