Suggestion Time

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Hello everyone!

We’re looking for your suggestions on how we can better bring the chase to you. Our motto is “Join us on the chase!” and that’s what we want to provide to you. Our first and foremost thing we are fixing ourselves is making sure the streaming video doesn’t cut out, but we want to know what else you would find interesting while ‘Chasing’ with us.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Worry less about the quality of the Episodes and care more about posting them quickly.

2. Stream audio with the streaming video so you can hear what we are talking about.

3. Post more radar images indicating our location in relation to the storm cells.

4. Post more twitter updates while chasing.

5. Give short, minute long, audio/video announcements on chase day explaining what we are doing.

Those are just some ideas to get your brain thinking. Please let us know what would make you’re chase with us more enjoyable. You can send us your suggestions on the contacts page.

Thank you for your help and participation!