Weather Season 2009

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Jason and I will be out again this storm season attempting to capture some cool thunderstorms, tornadoes and any related storm damage. I will be the photographer and Jason will be the videographer/photographer. We will have live streaming via that will be posted on the streaming page of our website.

I’m looking to come up with some “live chat” ideas for when we are out and about and will also continuously be making changes to the website to make everything even better. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

(From Jason): To add to Jared’s post, we are also member of the Spotters Network.  There you can track our movements in the field via our GPS.  This feature is included in the live video from as well.  My tracking name on Spotters Network is Kxronos. Jared’s is jritze.  Hope to have a good storm season and see you around a lot this year!

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